Prime crush.14 x17.Mylar.2 sold
Tributary subsection.9x12.Mylar.2014 sold
Wolf jam Huile sur toile 17 x 20 sold
Broadworth Graph Huile 21 x 22 sold
Broadworth untitled1a Huiloe sur mylar 14 x 17 sold

Jordan Broadworth

The death of painting is one of painting’s more enduring themes. The story of the medium’s demise and rebirth has been repeated, retold and reenacted so often that it underlies the breadth of contemporary practice. With death and resurrection built into its foundation, collapse now anticipates reinvention; triumph chases ruin and painting rises out of its own apparent failures and inadequacies to be born anew.

The brushstrokes in my work are, in a very real sense, not there. Gesture in my work is shed rather than applied. Each work starts with a drawing constructed by forging, fragmenting and layering of multiple signatures. This gestural construct is added and then subtracted resulting in a trade-off between figure and ground.

My work rooted in negation and fueled by contradiction. What began as an examination into the bankruptcy of the brushstroke has resulted in a decade’s worth of increasingly gestural ‘post-gestural’ paintings that contain their own sense of collapse. My paintings are a study in how building-up necessitates taking-down and absence haunts the structures of sight.

Press Releases

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