7 Toronto Painters

Galerie BAC is proud to present the exhibition '7 Toronto Painters'. This exhibition will be up from September 25th to October 25th.  An opening reception will be held Thursday September 25th with artists in attendance.

As the title indicates, the exhibition brings together works by 7 Toronto-based emerging and mid-career artists. The styles presented are eclectic, ranging from abstract to figurative works, and are made up of a variety of techniques such as painting, mixed media and collage. Together, these artworks illustrate particular issues in practice in contemporary art in Toronto, as echoed elsewhere in the country. With this exhibition, Galerie BAC is the first to introduce the work of these Toronto artists, most of whom are unknown by Montrealers. 

The exhibition '7 Toronto Painters' puts together works by 2 Galerie BAC artists, Matthew Schofield and Mark Stebbins, as well as invited artists Matt Bahen, Erin Loree, Christopher Knights, Linda Martinello and Shannon Partridge.