Michèle F. Bérard : Yes / No

Galerie BAC is proud to present the first ever solo exhibition of painter Michèle F. Bérard. The exhibition entitled “YES / NO” will be on from June 5th to June 22nd. An opening reception will be held Thursday June 6th from 5pm to 8pm with the artist in attendance. Please note that there will be a preview for corporate/public collections and the media Wednesday June 5th between 2pm and 4pm.

The paintings presented in “YES / NO” suggest a questioning of insignificant spaces and the banality of domestic scenes. Telling either common, or troubling, anecdotes such as a conversation in the kitchen or discovering an intruder in the home, the works are an assembly of interior spaces conceptualized as collages made from old photos. These assemblies are reminiscent of domestic places but some information has been replaced producing discomfort and conflict in order to disrupt all known markers for the spectator. “YES / NO” illustrates a conflict between subjects, shapes, patterns, colors and improper spaces.

Native of the Outaouais region, Michèle F. Bérard is a young visual artist working and living in Montreal. Holding a Bachelor’s degree from the “Studio Arts” program at Concordia University (2012), she recently made the finals at the Toronto BMO Art Competition (2012) and was a recipient of the “Special Projects” grant from Concordia University (2011).