Extreme Painting

Extreme Painting – « To Rack One’s Brain » 

June 29th to July 27th 2013
Opening reception, Thursday July 4th – 6pm


Montreal, 2013 – For our first participation in Extreme Painting, Galerie BAC is proud to present a group show with the artists Scott Bertram, Jordan Broadworth, André Dubois, John Kissick, Marc Nerbonne, Catherine Plaisance and Mark Stebbins. The exhibition entitled « To Rack One’s Brain » will be on from June 29th to July 27th. An opening reception will be held Thursday July 4th from 6pm to 8pm with 4 of the artists in attendance.

The works presented during « To Rack One’s Brain » are intended to act as a representation of a segment of the diversity of approaches found in contemporary art, as well as a tribute to the perseverance and determination found in the work produced by artists faced with the difficulties associated to current artistic creation. Indeed, in a world where we sometimes hear that “it’s all been done”, today’s artist must constantly push the boundaries of creativity while maintaining a strong concern for originality and relevance.

Through a number of different avenues, either per John Kissick’s/Scott Bertram’s conceptual approach, per Marc Nerbonne’s/Catherine Plaisance’s subjects matters, per Jordan Broadworth’s/Mark Stebbins complex systems construction, and finally per multidisciplinary artist André Dubois diverse material and medium usage, artists participating at « To Rack One’s Brain » will show you where their latest artistic researches and explorations led them.