Vestiges ANG2

Galerie BAC is pleased to announce the presentation of Vestiges, a group show featuring the works of artists Isabelle Hayeur, Andrea Kastner, Catherine Plaisance, Jennifer Schuler and Shirley Wegner. The exhibition will continue from February 12th to March 7th 2015. An opening reception will be held Thursday February 12th at 5 pm, with the artists in attendance.

Vestiges highlights the work of five professional artists whose approaches have in common an interest in the landscape as modified by humans, and the consequences of these interventions. Industrialization, poor waste management, environmental disasters, climate change and the dire consequences of war are among the key issues found in Vestiges. The exhibition underlines concerns by visual arts artists whose works on environment and territory are juxtaposed with progress, conflicts and political choices.

With the many riches offered by these representations and their varied interpretations, Vestiges sheds light on how the theme of disaster can inspire possibilities and result in artistic exploration. The aesthetics of disaster are a direct critique of the many evils in our century while evoking nostalgia. Using varied visual language, the artists present Vestiges to support reflection and reinforce sensitivity about our impact on the world.

By exploring the aesthetics of the current ruin, Vestiges contributes to the sphere of activity of five artists who explore and transfigure catastrophic reality. Vestiges is an exhibition project initiated by artist Catherine Plaisance.